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Algae biomass production moves forward in Western Australia

A pilot production facility for algae biomass in Western Australia secured a $2 million Australian dollar grant to advance its operations. Aurora Algae, which produces algae-based products for the pharmaceutical, nutrition, aquaculture and fuels market, grows and processes algae biomass in six 4,000-square-meter ponds in a facility in Karratha, Western Australia.


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Consumers and corporations favoring renewables according to polls

Two surveys backed by wind energy company Vestas show the continuing rise in renewable energy interest from both consumers worldwide and investing corporations. The Global Consumer Wind Study 2012, prepared by TNS Gallup, says 85 percent of global consumers want more renewable energy, with 49 percent willing to pay more for products made with renewable energy. Participating in the survey are 24,000...

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Suntech reduces solar cell production in China

In response to the recent uncertainties facing their business dealings in the United States and Europe, Suntech Power Holdings has announced that they are temporarily closing a portion of their solar cell production capacity in Wuxi, China. “In light of the preliminary U.S. anti-dumping tariff, the European anti-dumping investigation, and oversupply of solar modules, we have decided to right-size our...

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Eighty percent of top global corporations acknowledge climate risks – survey

Climate change has become a visible agenda among giant companies across the globe as extreme weather events happen globally, according to the survey Carbon Disclosure Project. Eighty one percent of the Global 500, a ranking of top corporations, has recognized the physical risks of climate change to their businesses, while 37 perceive these risks as a real and present danger, up from 10 percent in 2010.


China most attractive destination for R.E. investments – ranking

China is the most attractive site for renewable energy investors according to a recent ranking by Ernst & Young, beating the United States for the top spot. In the All Renewable Index for August 2012, Ernst & Young assessed the attractiveness of 40 countries to investors in terms of renewable energy, with a special focus on wind and solar power projects. China, despite the drop in points by 0.2 from the previous report in May,


Jaguar Land Rover invests in clean water project for Kenya

Jaguar Land Rover is investing in its 50th carbon offset project, a portable water purification system for providing clean water to families in rural Kenya. The Britain-based automaker which is now owned by Tata Motors has committed to invest in the LifeStraw: Carbon for Water project of ClimateCare. ClimateCare develops and consults on emission reduction projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Lockheed Martin to use fuel cells, solar for military applications

Security and aerospace company Lockheed Martin will be using a solid oxide fuel cell generator set with solar panels as an alternative to the U.S. military's battlefield power generation equipment, replacing traditional fossil fueled power generators. As part of a $3 million dollar contract with the Office of Naval Research, the generator set – a multi-kilowatt JP-8 compatible Fuel Cell Efficient Power Node


Higher temperature can damage economic growth – study

Rises in local temperatures, even temporary, damage long-term economic growth significantly in the world's developing nations, according to a study published in “American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics.” Basing on weather data over the last half-century, the study finds that for every 1-degree-Celsius increase in a poor country over the course of a given year,


Smart policies needed to meet sustainability goals – W.B.C.S.D.

In its latest report, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development said smart policies are needed to push business solutions to meet global sustainability goals, so that “9 billion people can live well and within the limits of one planet by 2050.” Their report “Changing Pace” presented their “Green Growth Policy Accelerator,” a set of guidelines for policymaking which the group believes would guide the Rio+20 talks and encourage government and business collaboration to reach the goals set there.


U.S. still a leader in clean technology sales but not in relation to size

Despite ranking second to China in terms of overall clean technology sales, the United States is behind 14 countries relative to its economy size, a World Wild Fund for Nature-backed report from consultancy company Roland Berger said.


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