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Coda, Marvin K. Brown to bring EV sedan to San Diego

Electric vehicle developer Coda Automotive announced that Marvin K. Brown will be its exclusive dealer partner in San Diego County for their Coda 2012 sedan. “We’re thrilled that Marvin K. Brown would become Coda’s first automotive dealer in San Diego and look forward to working together towards our goal of putting an EV in every garage,” said Phil Murtaugh, chief executive of Coda Holdings.

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Duke-American acquires Zephyr project for Wyoming wind power

Duke-American Transmission Company, a recently-formed joint venture of Duke Energy and American Transmission Company, acquired the 3,000-megawatt-capacity Zephyr Power Transmission Project, committing to use at least 2,100 MW of the transmission line’s capacity to provide wind power to California and the southwestern United States from the wind-rich areas of eastern Wyoming.


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Eco store Sustainable NYC wins national award for Best in Green Business

The Green America’s People Choice Award for Best in Green Business was given this year to New York’s eco-theme store Sustainable NYC. The part general store, part boutique, part café shop is host to locally-made, fair trade, organic, repurposed and alternative energy products and gift items.


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From incubators to 'accelerators': Green startups look for right approach

Many think that products like solar panels, electric cars and smart appliances will be billion dollar industries by the end of the decade as demand from an increasingly green-savvy public grows. But sourcing capital for a startup in the green industry is still difficult.


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Quench soaks up $30 million in funding for water filtration

Quench raised $30 million in funding to be spent on expansion plans. The Philadelphia-based firm makes water dispensers with built-in filtration systems that purify tap water from a building's existing water supply, instead of using five-gallon plastic jugs of purified water that need to be regularly replaced. Quench also uses stainless steel tanks and parts for holding and distributing the water, making the system a plastic-free taste and eliminates exposure to plastic toxins.


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G.E. provides turbines for eight wind sites of First Wind

Independent wind energy company First Wind chose technology giant General Electric to provide the company's entire fleet of 264 wind turbines at eight wind farms in the United States.


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D.O.E. OK’s $90-million backing to Cogentrix for Colorado project

The United States Department of Energy approved a $90.6-million loan guarantee to Cogentrix Energy, L.L.C. to support a 30-megawatt solar project in Alamosa, Colorado, which represents one of the first utility-scale, high concentration photovoltaic energy generation facilities in the nation. The project, estimated to generate up to 100 construction jobs, will use innovative HCPV systems consisting of concentrating optics and multijunction solar cell panels controlled by a dual-axis tracking system.

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Vega Biofuels to construct bio-coal plant in Georgia

Biofuel manufacturer Vega Biofuels, Inc. is set to begin construction of a bio-coal plant in Georgia that will produce green energy bio-coal from timber waste. According to the chairman and chief executive of Vega Biofuels, Michael K. Molen, the company is currently working on the design, construction and implementation of the facility.


Solazyme revenues, losses both up as expansion planned

Algae oil company Solazyme, Inc. said both its second quarter revenues and losses were up after investing in new facilities in order to increase production following its successful initial public offering in May. The company managed to pull its revenues up to $7.4 million this quarter from 4.4 million in the same quarter a year ago.


New York, HP, G.E. team up for renewable-powered data centers

Hewlett Packard, G.E. Global Research Center and other private partners are teaming up with the state of New York to launch a project that will demonstrate how a network of data centers powered by renewable energy could create new models for the data center industry and renewable energy operations.


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