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Solar America Corp providing solar power solutions for homes in Mexico

Solar America Corp providing solar power solutions for homes in Mexico
Guadalajara, Mexico will be the site of Solar America’s first two solar projects. Pictured above is the Guadalajara Cathedral, a minor basilica and a major landmark of the province.

American alternative energy company Solar America Corporation has made its first shipment of products to the Los Conejos housing project in Tonloa, a suburb of Guadalajara, Mexico.

The shipment comes as a result of a memorandum of understanding signed by Solar America and principal contractor Valdez Cueva Constructores Asosiados on February of this year.

Under the terms of the agreement, Solar America will provide solar power stations and solar lighting solutions for Los Conejos, a planned community of 700 homes.

“This is an exciting day for Solar America,” said chief executive officer Robert Bludorn. “Not only are we proud of the contribution we are making to the Los Conejos project but because this is the first step of Solar America’s engagement in Mexico, a country in which we hope to develop other new solar projects.”

The Latin American country has been identified as a priority region due to the tremendous capacity for growth in the solar market.

According to a company statement, strong government support, increased consumption and ample space and sunlight are just some of the reasons why Solar America Corp. is looking to engage in new solar projects in Mexico and in the nearby Central American region.

Mexico is especially attractive as the government has set a renewable energy target of 35 percent, and is looking at increasing solar solutions as means to achieve this goal.

Just last week, Solar America scored its second solar power project in Mexico with the execution of a memorandum of agreement with contractor Habitables Innca S.A. de C.V. on March 19.

According to the agreement, Solar America will be providing solar power and solar lighting solutions for the San Nicholas housing project, also in Guadalajara.

The residential project will reduce the carbon footprint of an existing Guadalajara subdivision, San Nicolas de la Primavera.

Solar America commercializes and distributes solar energy products and solutions for residential, commercial and government customers. They offer solutions that can be used in new construction projects or in the retrofitting of existing buildings to reduce monthly energy expenditures. – EcoSeed Staff

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