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U.S. carbon emissions reach lowest level since 1992 - report

As of the first quarter of 2012, the carbon emissions of the United States dropped to its lowest since 1992, according to a recent report released by its Energy Information Administration.

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Overall emissions from the country’s energy consumption were at 1.34 million metric tons this period, marking decline by nearly 8 percent from the same period last year.

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Normally, emissions during the January-March period are at its peak due to the cold weather prompting a demand for heat resulting in the burning of sumptuous amount of fossil fuels. However, a mild winter this year reduced household heating needs along with their energy use.

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Aside from this, the E.I.A. noted that the low results are also attributed to a degraded demand for gasoline and a cutback in coal-fired electricity generation due to low natural gas prices.

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Quarterly carbon emissions from coal fell by 18 percent to 387 million metric tons from January to March this year – the lowest first quarter level since 1983 and the lowest for any quarter level since second quarter of 1986.

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This significant decline in coal-related emissions is ascribed with utility companies that consume “less coal” for generating electricity.

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The U.S., being a highly-industrialized country, held the reputation for being the world’s largest carbon-emitting nation until 2006 when it was surpassed by China.

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The current administration has been taking steps to further get away from this reputation by introducing more measures to and reduce their emissions. President Barrack Obama aims to cut the nation’s carbon emissions by 17 percent below 2005 baseline by 2020.

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“We can’t have an energy strategy for the last century that traps us in the past. We need an energy strategy for the future – an all-of-the-above strategy for the 21st century that develops every source of American-made energy,” the President said in a statement. – EcoSeed Staff

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