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Dual Power locomotive makes first run in New Jersey

A dual power locomotive that can run on both diesel power and electric power has been delivered in New Jersey.

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Transportation engineering firm STV is working with New Jersey Transit to conserve fuel and reduce emissions through the use of the ALP-45DP from German company Bombardier.

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The ALP-45DP is the first locomotive in the United States to be powered by two modes. It can be propelled by two internal diesel engines (100mph) in electric mode through the overhead catenary (125 mph). The locomotive can easily switch between diesel to electric mode, taking approximately 100 seconds to extend and retract a pantograph arm to make contact with the overhead catenary wire.

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The first ALP-45DP locomotive to run on NJ Transit on July 30 arrived at Montclair State University Station in Montclair, N.J. under diesel power. It then continued on for Hoboken Terminal under electric power.

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"This is a revolutionary locomotive," said Christopher Holliday, P.E., STV senior vice president and vehicles and systems national practice leader. "With the ability to run under both diesel power and alternating current electric power, these new locomotives provide greater operating flexibility for our clients."

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STV provided design, inspection and test engineering support services for the initiative, which also extends north of the border to Canada where the same vehicles are being procured for Agence Metropolitaine de Transport.

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NJT and AMT have partnered to share in the engineering costs. NJT will use an initial 26 ALP-45DP’s while AMT will purchase 20. – EcoSeed Staff

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