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Peru’s first large scale wind farms rising in 2013

The first large-scale wind farms in Peru will become commercially operational by the fourth quarter of 2013.

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ContourGlobal, a New York-based international power generation company, announced that their subsidiary ContourGlobal Latam S.A. has acquired the planned Cupisnique and Talara wind farms from Energia Eolica S.A.

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The two wind farms will be Peru’s largest wind installations and the largest wind farms in operation in South America outside of Brazil. They represent a total investment of around $250 million and will have a generation capacity of 114 MW.

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"We are very excited to be the first power company to enter the wind generation market in Peru," said Joseph C. Brandt, ContourGlobal's president and chief executive. "Cupisnique and Talara bring us into the dynamic and fast-growing Peruvian economy whose continued impressive growth requires an increasing supply of reliable and low-cost electricity.”

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The Cupisnique wind farm will be located in the province of Capasmayo in La Libertad region, about 1,095 kilometers from the Peruvian capital of Lima. The Talaras wind farm will be in the province of Talara in the Piura region, about 670 km from the nation’s capital.

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The wind power plants will produce approximately 451 gigawatt-hours a year, saving 295,450 tons in carbon dioxide emissions annually.

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Both wind farms will also entail the construction of a new substation and transmission line to enable them to connect with the Peruvian national grid. The projects will sell their output under a 20-year United States dollar-denominated power purchase agreement under Peru’s renewable energy resource program.

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ContourGlobal has contracted with Vestas Corporation to provide the project with turbines under a turnkey engineering, procurement and construction contract.

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Vestas will provide 45 units of their V100 platform and 17 V100-1.8 MW units. Delivery of the first turbines is expected to begin first quarter of 2013.

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“This new order is a very important step for Vestas’ presence and further consolidation in Latin America and it is a significant contribution to Peru’s wind power development since it is the first large scale wind farm in the country,” says Juan Araluce, acting president at Vestas Mediterranean and chief sales officer of Vestas Wind Systems A.S.

ContourGlobal has approximately 3,000 MW of power generation capacity in operation or under construction in 15 countries on four continents. They manage, own and operate a portfolio of 31 power plants including renewable energy projects using wind, solar and biomass.

Their South American subsidiary ContourGlobal Latam owns and operates power generation businesses in Brazil, Columbia and Peru. This includes 430 MW in operation in Brazil and Columbia and 286 MW under construction in Brazil and Peru. – K.R. Jalbuena

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