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Equatorial Guinea president proposes African sustainable development agency

President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea, during the recent United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, proposed to African leaders the creation of a sole agency that will promote sustainable development in the continent.

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"From Equatorial Guinea we propose the creation of an African agency for sustainable development, which would develop programs that provide maximum guarantees for growth and security for people at the lowest possible cost," said the president.

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Aside from the proposed agency, President Obiang also seeks international support in achieving the region’s industrial growth through the proper allocation and management of its natural resources. He particularly mentioned agricultural techniques and programs in developing countries that could also be beneficial for African citizens.

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“We have to understand that the current crisis in developed countries cannot be solved without the participation of developing countries, nor can the access of the least advanced countries to technology be made without the involvement and goodwill of the countries with such technology," President Obiang said.

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Equatorial Guinea is a member of the Global Environment Facility, a network of international organizations, private sectors and government officials aiming to address global environmental issues while supporting countrywide sustainable growth initiatives.

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President Obiang believes there is a strong need for a legitimate body to accelerate the drive to sustainable development not just in Equatorial Guinea in the entire region of Africa as well. –EcoSeed Staff

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