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Slovenian company develops method of reusing toxic fluoride byproducts

Slovenian company develops method of reusing toxic fluoride byproducts
Enamel production’s toxic byproduct can now be recycled, significantly reducing its impact on the environment.

EMO-FRITE, a Slovenian private company that produces frits and enamels, has developed a method that reuses the toxic byproducts of ceramic and enamel products significantly reducing its environmental impact by as much as 90 percent.

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The process of producing enamel, frits, ceramic or porcelain glazes is a very toxic one, with chemical interaction creating byproduct called micronized fluoride lime. However, if the chemical reaction was controlled, the byproduct can be reused to further produce new frits and ceramic goods.

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With that in mind, EMO-FRITE found a way to recycle the byproduct by adding a dry purification system to the process. Nada Bozicek, the project coordinator, told that the dry purification system eliminates any impurities in the byproduct, making it more stable, thereby allowing it to be reused.

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Bozicek explained that before implementing the project, EMO-FRITE produced 130 tons of toxic waste annually, but with the new system added they expect to reduce 90 percent of their waste come October 2013, the end of the project’s period.

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But aside from significantly preventing environmental damage due to toxic waste, the new system allowed the company to reduce as much as 4 percent in overall costs due to savings in electricity, waste and fuel management.

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The project was funded by the European Commission, under the research project called FRIT-REC – Integrated Technology for the Reuse of Waste Lime from the Production of Ceramic Compounds. – EcoSeed Staff

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