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Europe imposing anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar panels

The European Commission has imposed provisional anti-dumping duties on the imports of solar panels, cells and wafers from China.

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After a nine month investigation, launched in September 2012, the Commission found that Chinese companies are selling solar panels in Europe at far below their normal market value, a practice which has caused significant harm to E.U. solar panel producers.

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The investigation found that the fair value of a Chinese solar panel sold to Europe should by 88 percent higher than the price to which it is sold. Chinese exporters are said to have taken over more than 80 percent of the E.U. market, exposing E.U. companies to immediate threats of bankruptcy due to unfair competition.

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According to an E.C. statement, the anti-dumping duties will be implemented in phases as not to disrupt the solar panel market. The first phase will see the duty set at 11.8 percent until August 6, 2013. After August, the duty will be set at the level of 47.6 percent which is the level required to remove the harm cause by the dumping to the European industry.

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While the Commission’s assessment indicates that imposing provisional measures will not only bolster European solar companies but create new jobs and secure the existing 25,000 jobs in E.U. solar production.

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The Commission has stated it will continue its investigation until December 5 at the latest when they will decide if definitive anti-dumping duties will be imposed for a duration of five years.

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The Commission remains ready to hear the views of all interested parties. Europe is ready to intensify talks with China to find alternative satisfactory solutions through a negotiation. – EcoSeed Staff

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