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BYD electric buses certified for European market

BYD electric buses certified for European market
The 12-meter long BYD bus can run 250 kilometers on a single charge and is especially designed for urban conditions (Photo from BYD)

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD has received approval to sell its electric buses in the European Union.

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The company has obtained a Whole Vehicle Type Approval from the European Commission which means that BYD does not need to get individual national approval for its buses before selling them to the E.U. member states.

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According to a company statement, this will help ensure the successful implementation of BYD’s business plant for its electric buses in European countries this year.

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BYD has been targeting sales in Europe of its 12-meter fully electric bus with a series of demonstration projects in the European cities of Amsterdam, Budapest, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels and Salzburg.

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It is compulsory for vehicles for sale within the E.U. to achieve W.V.T.A. certification. The W.V.T.A. encompasses 25 tests and sets the standards for vehicle and safety performance. In order to achieve the certification, a bus must conform to European directives for the transportation sector.

In December, the company also announced that it has set up a joint venture company named Auto Group Motors with Bulgarian electric bus manufacturer Bulmineral Ltd. Auto Group Motors is the first electric bus joint venture in Europe and BYD’s first overseas electrical vehicle joint venture.

As part of the joint venture agreement, the two companies will be building an auto assembly plant in Breznik, which is 50 kilometers west of the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. The plant will produce electric buses and will eventually be expanded to allow for the production of electric cars, as well as other BYD products such as batteries and LED lights.

The first sample bus is expected to be rolled out in February 2013 with full completion seen around 2015. When fully operational, the plant will have the capacity to produce 40 to 60 buses a month.

BYD’s electric buses are powered by energy stored in the company’s self-developed iron-phosphate batteries. The 12-meter long BYD bus can run 250 kilometers on a single charge and is designed for urban conditions.

The company currently has orders for their electric buses in China, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Uruguay and the United States.

BYD Co., Ltd is a provider of green energy technologies and is one of the world’s biggest rechargeable battery manufacturers. They branched out into the auto business in 2003, providing electric cars as well as electric urban public transport systems such as taxies and buses. – K. Jalbuena

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