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Portuguese police force add Nissan Leaf to their fleet

The Polish police will be adding eight electric vehicles to the force to patrol the country's large urban areas and arrive at scenes of the crime "in near silence."

Portugal's Pol'icia de Seguranca P'ublica, which concentrates largely on large urban areas in the country, will be receiving eight Nissan Leaf police cars for the force's Safe School Program but they said the vehicles can also be used for other police duties.

Like the rest of their fleet, the Leafs will have flashing blue lights, sirens and large "Pol'icia" markings for identification.

"We pride ourselves in being the first police force in the world to incorporate cars with zero-emission technology as part of our 5,000-vehicle fleet," said Superintendent Paul Gomes Valente, P.S.P. national director.

Plug-in vehicles have been used in other countries' police forces, like the Scotland Yard's Vauxhall Ampera and the New York Police Department's Chevrolet Volt.

Autoblog also reported that Portuguese electric mobility consortium Mobi.E already has 261 electric vehicle chargers in the country, with another 1,000 expected to be installed – despite only having an estimated "100 or so" electric vehicles.

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