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Bulgarian wind industry group suing government over feed-in tariffs

The Bulgarian Wind Energy Association is suing the country’s State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission over the latter's decision to slash the feed-in tariff for wind power by 22 percent, which will be put into full effect this month.

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According to SeeNews Renewables, the association says the cut is too large and is not “in line” with the current market situation. They warn that the changes would drive investors willing to develop renewable energy projects away from the country, and that companies would “no longer trust the competent and impartial decisions” of the energy regulator.

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Sebastian Noethlichs, executive director of BGWEA, said the decision was for “ensuring regulatory objectivity” and for Bulgaria to have a better investment environment.

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The decision to trim the feed-in tariff came after Bulgarian Energy Minister Delian Dobrev attributed the 13 percent increase in retail power price to renewable energy development. He added that the government had avoided an even larger increase by taking action to slow down renewable energy growth.

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Plans were also in place to discontinuing the tariffs for photovoltaic projects above 30 kilowatts.

The counterfeit " included 8 engineers. atarax website It greatly is a hard sex. “The unstable and contradictory government moves were the reason for the unbalanced development of the renewable energy mix in the country and the surge in installation of the most expensive technology – photovoltaics,” BGWEA said. – EcoSeed Staff  

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