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European Commission affirms plans to cut more emissions from cars and vans

The European Commission proposed new targets to further diminish carbon emissions from new cars and light commercial vehicles or vans by 2020.

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The targets seek to reduce average emissions from new cars from 135.7 grams of carbon per kilometer in 2011 to only 95 grams per kilometer in 2020, with a fixed target of 130 grams of carbon per kilometer in 2015.

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Meanwhile, vans will cut emissions from 181.4 grams of carbon per kilometer in 2010 down to 147 grams per kilometer in 2020, with a fixed target of 175 grams of carbon per kilometer in 2017.

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The mandatory targets for 2020 have been integrated in the existing legislation, while the new targets implementation has just confirmed by the E.C.

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“With our proposals we are not only protecting the climate and saving consumers money. We are also boosting innovation and competitiveness in the automotive sector,” said E.U. commissioner for climate action Connie Hedegaard.

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“This is a clear win-win situation for everyone. This is one more important step towards a competitive, low-carbon economy.”

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Cars account for nearly 12 percent of total Europe Union carbon footprint, the main greenhouse gas, said the E.C.

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When the targets are met, the E.U. is expected to save about 30 billion euros ($36.77 billion) annually in fuel costs and increase gross domestic product by 12 billion in a year.

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Likewise, the consumers’ savings could range from 2,904 euros to 3,836 euros over a car’s life span and 340 euros savings in fuel cost in the initial year.

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Vans, on the other hand, are expected to deliver consumers with larger savings of about 3,363 euros to 4,564 euros over its life span and 400 euros of fuel cost within a year.

The proposed targets will be subjected to evaluation by the European Parliament and the Council before they will be implemented. – EcoSeed Staff

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