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Carbon Market

Figueres to the carbon market: ‘Demand more’

To hasten the achievement of a low-carbon world, industry needs to step up its climate change adaptation measures and push for governments to take climate policy action, says United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change executive secretary Christiana Figueres.

Speaking to carbon market industry stakeholders at this year's Carbon Expo in Cologne, Ms. Figueres said they have a critical role to play in the move toward a low-carbon future aside from delivering the resources necessary to tackle climate change.

"Demand more national policy action," said Ms. Figueres. "Explore to the utmost those opportunities that allow you to increase the low-carbon market share, thereby converting your activity in the market into a push for governments to take more ambitious political decisions."

She adds that they should let governments know what they require for them to engage more strongly in deploying low-carbon technology.

"There is no doubt that the only way to optimize the global investment in climate change mitigation is via the market. We see signs everywhere of emerging market schemes," she said.

She added that these carbon market players must contribute to current reviews of Kyoto Protocol mechanisms – the clean development mechanism and joint implementation – tools that can be used to allow the giving of incentives on climate change action.

Attended by more than 2,500 visitors and media representatives from 95 countries, the 9th Carbon Expo managed to gather many participants despite financial turmoil, dwindling resources, and uncertainty in the carbon market.

The Carbon Expo is an annual international trade fair and conference for emission trading, carbon abatement solutions and clean technologies, organized by the International Emissions Trading Association, the World Bank and Kioelnmesse G.m.b.H. – N.P. Arboleda

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