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Citi buys carbon credits from Mongolian energy efficiency project

Citi will purchase 1.17 million metric tons of carbon credits over the next seven years from Seattle-based carbon markets intermediary MicroEnergy Credits for reduce household emissions in Mongolia.

In Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian capital, local lender XacBank will finance the locals' purchase of energy- efficient stoves and insulation fixtures so they increase heat retention and lower the rate of fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Many of Ulaanbaatar's population still live in traditional, tent-like structures called gers. Gers are traditionally under-insulated and heated by inefficient coal-burning stoves.

The greenhouse gas emissions reductions from the installation of more efficient household insulation and heating fixtures will generate carbon credits.

The reduction in emissions will be earned by XacBank clients and assigned to MicroEnergy Credits. MicroEnergy Credits will then quantify, aggregate and sell the credits to Citi, which can then trade and sell the credits under the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme.

The first carbon credits are expected to be available for purchase by Citi in March next year.

Portions of the proceeds from Citi's carbon credit purchase will also be distributed by MicroEnergy Credits back to XacBank, allowing for the continuation of the energy efficiency micro-loans.

Over-the-counter price for Certified Emission Reductions is currently hovering at over 3 euros ($4) per metric ton.

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