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China’s Xiangjiaba hydropower plant now half operational with 3,200 MW

China’s Xiangjiaba hydropower plant now half operational with 3,200 MW
Photo taken from Alstom

China’s Xiangjiaba underground hydropower plant has begun commercial operation producing 3,200 megawatts with four of the eight hydroelectric generating units from Alstom installed.

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Each of the four hydroelectric generating units, which are now installed and operational, can produce 800 MW. Designed and manufactured in Alstom’s factory in Tianjin, China, each unit will be able to supply the electric consumption of around 5 million inhabitants annually.

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When all eight of Xiangjiaba’s hydroelectric generating units are installed, it is projected to have a total capacity of 6,400 MW – what is expected to be the third largest hydropower plant in the country.

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The Xiangjiaba power plant, which is located in southwest China Jinsha River, will become an important power source in the country, specifically for the West to East Electricity Transfer Programme which aims to satisfy the growing electricity needs of the country’s eastern provinces.

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Alstom’s hydroelectric generating units for the facility is coupled with an 889 MWA generator which are the only air-cooled generators in the world with 23 kW windings which allow for optimized electrical design. The four units were delivered to the power plant at an average rate of one unit every two months – a record time for Alstom when it comes to delivering large machines.

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“The successful delivery and commercial operation of the four units for Xiangjiaba plant represents another important milestone to showcase Alstom’s contribtuon to China’s hydro power development,” said General Manager of Alstom Hydro China Yves Rannou.

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Owned by the China Three Gorges Corporation, the Xiangjiaba power plant is one of the many successfully partnerships between Alstom and C.T.G. – EcoSeed Staff

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