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China leads global action against climate change - report

China is leading the global fight against climate change, found a new report by the Australian government’s Climate Commission.

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While China remains to be the world’s largest emitting nation, the report noted that it is taking significant strides to reduce its emissions growth. Last year, the country was able to decrease the carbon intensity of its economy more than expected and almost halved its growth in electricity demand.

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The Climate Commission said if China is to continue make gains in reducing growth in demand for electricity and fossil fuels, it could curb its emissions “sooner than expected.”

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The report showed that the country has already emerged as the “world’s renewable energy powerhouse,” taking significant efforts to raise the share of renewables in its energy mix.

Between 2005 and 2012, China increased its wind power generation capacity by almost 50 times, with wind energy in 2012 rising to become 36 percent higher than it was in 2011.

Wind has also become the country’s third largest energy source as of 2012, surpassing nuclear power and delivering 100.4 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, revealed data from China Wind Energy Association (see related story).

In terms of solar power generation, China’s has quickly expanded by 75 percent in 2012 alone, with generation capacity expected to grow threefold to over 21,000 megawatts by 2015.

The nation is currently the fastest growing solar photovoltaic worldwide, expected to maintain an upward path over the coming years due to the government’s strong support for P.V., according another report from market research firm Solidiance (see related story).

The Climate Commission report also showed that in 2012 China earmarked $65.1 billion in clean energy, which is 20 percent higher investment than in 2011 and unmatched by any other nation (see related story).

China also cemented the spot as the leader in clean energy investments for the third time in 2012, generating about 23 gigawatts of clean energy capacity.

As another big leap to tackle climate change, China is in the process of introducing seven emissions trading scheme by this year, which will cover a quarter of a billion of its population.

As one of the world’s largest economies, along with the United States, that account for 37 percent of the world’s emissions, the report said both of them are well on its way to meet their international pledge to cut their environmental footprint.

“Increasing action from the global energy giants can re-energize the global effort to tackle climate change. While China and the U.S. cannot solve the problem alone, they are acting as significant drivers of change,” said the Climate Commission.

The report also found that some 98 countries have also committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, boosting the growth of global renewable energy capacity. – EcoSeed Staff

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