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Yingli sees 2.2 GW in total module shipments for 2012

China’s Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited has announced that it is expecting module shipments for the full year 2012 to reach 2.2 gigawatts.

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The solar manufacturer initially released a full year shipment guidance of around 2.1 GW. However, preliminary data for the fourth quarter indicates that their module shipments for the final quarter of 2012 could reach a new historical high, pushing up their total shipments for 2012.

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The predicted rise in module shipments for the fourth quarter follows a decrease in shipments seen in the third quarter of this year. For the third quarter of 2012, PV modules dropped by 16.9 percent from the second quarter of 2012.

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The decrease in shipment volume and an industry-wide decline in the average selling price of modules had a negative effect on the third quarter bottom line, with Yingli seeing total net revenues of $355.9 million but a gross loss of $80.8 million.

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The company was also one of those affected by anti-dumping duties by the United States Department of Commerce (see related story).

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Despite difficult circumstances in the traditional markets of the U.S. and Europe, the company has seen substantial growth in their home markets as China’s solar sector continues to expand.

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Last December, Yingli announced that it will be supplying approximately 288 MW of modules for P.V. projects under China’s Golden Sun Program. A total of about 2,835 MW worth of projects have been approved throughout the country by the program, where Yingli will be providing 10 percent of the total modules needed. – EcoSeed Staff

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