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India’s first green township to rise in Bangalore

India is developing its first “green township” in Electronic City in Bangalore.

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Being developed by Patel Realty India Ltd., an infrastructure developer, Neotown, spread across 120 acres, features an integrated rainwater harvesting system, a sewage treatment plant, solid waste management, solar water heating, an in-house nursery and long-term tree planning.

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The green township will house three residential precincts called “Smondos,” a business precinct, a tech-icon or office space precinct, a hospitality precinct and a town center market precinct, comprising a large shopping mall, a family health clinic, a school and a crèche.

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The township has received a Silver pre-certification from the Indian Green Building Council for its mixed land use and integrated development.

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Likewise, it successfully met the criteria for green buildings set by the I.G.B.C., including preservation of existing trees and water bodies, energy efficiency in infrastructural equipment, construction waste reduction, recycled content and innovation in design and technology.

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The pre-certification is granted to buildings and townships at the design stage to facilitate the adoption of sustainable green design practices in India.

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About 2,000 residential apartments have been completed at Neotown to date and 85 percent of these have been sold, according to a report in Bangalore Mirror.

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When completed by 2015 or 2017, another 2,000 to 2,500 houses in the township will reportedly be added.

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“When Neotown was conceived there were certain environmental features that we were particular about incorporating in the master plan. As a result, the township showcases a balance between luxury and environment protection,” said Pravin Malkani, managing director of Patel Realty India Ltd.

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“Neotown also has a natural depressed land, which is proved to be restored in the form of pond and it will attract different species of birds. The design and layout of the project offers maximum use of natural light and maximum ventilation, minimizing the use of artificial temperature control.” said Patel Realty.

Patel Realty said the township land use system is also designed like an “employment hub” for the city. It has received credit points for employment generation for over 100 percent of the working age population.

Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, which is dubbed as the country’s third most populous city and fifth most populous urban agglomeration. It is recognized as a hub for India’s information technology sector, as well as among the top 10 preferred business locations in the world.

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