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LanzaTech and Petronas partner to turn carbon dioxide into ‘green’ chemicals

LanzaTech, a New Zealand-based low-carbon fuels producer, and Petronas, Malaysia’s national oil company, have teamed up to accelerate the development and commercialization of technologies for making sustainable chemicals from carbon dioxide and natural gas.

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The deal will allow LanzaTech to turn Petronas’ petroleum waste into high-value chemicals using gas fermentation technology. This process primarily converts carbon monoxide in industrial waste gases, reformed natural gas and gas derived from any biomass source, into low-carbon fuels and chemicals.

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It “provides a route from waste gases and solids to valuable fuel and chemical products, reusing carbon along the way to minimize environmental impact,” LanzaTech said.

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The agreement will extend this technology by including carbon dioxide that contains gases from a variety of sources, such as refinery off gases and natural gas wells and produce acetic acid, a high-value chemical used in polymers and plastics.

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"Rather than trying to sequester carbon deep into the earth, we will 'bury' it in a chemical. In this way, companies can not only comply with emissions reduction requirements, but also generate revenue along the way," stressed LanzaTech chief executive, Jennifer Holmgren.

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By changing the way we deal with carbon dioxide waste, the two companies could substantially impact the future of carbon capture, according to Ms. Holmgren.

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The collaboration strengthens the relationship between the two companies built earlier this year, when Petronas’ venture arm invested in LanzaTech’s Series C round.

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"This is a natural extension of LanzaTech's core gas fermentation technology and it is a natural fit with Petronas' commitment to achieving a sustainable future for all," said Haida Shenny Hazri, chief executive of Petronas Technology Ventures. – EcoSeed Staff

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