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Southeast Asia’s largest solar PV plant powers up

The 44-megawatt Sunny Bangchak solar project in Thailand, said to be the largest solar photovoltaic plant in Southeast Asia, is up and running. The solar plant is located at the Bang Pa-In district of Ayutthaya province, 40 kilometers from the capital city of Bangkok.

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Owned by Bangchak Public Petroleum Company, Sunny Bangchak used silicon photovoltaic panels from Suntech Power Holdings Company. The facility was built by engineering, procurement and construction partner Solartron Public Company.

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Bangchak estimates that the solar power plant could annually reduce Thailand’s need for coal by about 40,000 tons, while mitigating 32,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions or the equivalent of removing 9,000 cars from the road.

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Sunny Bangchak was connected to the grid on September 4. The project also has an on-site exhibition center where visitors can learn more about solar power and solar PV technology.

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Currently, Thailand is dependent on the importation of oil and fossil fuels to produce its power. The country is attempting to break away from this and has set a goal to meet 20 percent of their total energy needs with renewable resources by 2022.

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"The Sunny Bangchak project represents an important step in BCP's aim to promote a green environment and sustainable business in Thailand. Our visitor center at the site will be a landmark for renewable education in Thailand,” said Bundit Sapianchai, senior executive vice president of Bangchak Petroleum. – EcoSeed Staff

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