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Ballard deploying fuel cell systems in China and Europe

Ballard Power Systems and its partner Azure Hydrogen Energy Science and Technology Corporation will be displaying a 175-kilowatt fuel cell system at the fifth World Hydrogen Technologies Convention in Shanghai.

Ballard has sold the CleanGen distributed generation fuel cell system to Azure as part of its partnership with the Beijing-based company. Azure and Ballard’s partnership focuses on the development and enhancement of hydrogen energy technology for a variety of applications in China marketplace.

“The market for stationary fuel cell power has significant potential in China,” said Grand Mao, chairman of Azure.

The ClearGen system will be displayed at the W.H.T.C. 2013 from September 25 to 28, 2013, after which Azure is expected to redeploy the system to another as yet unnamed location in China.

“The deployment of this 175 kilowatt ClearGen system represents an important step in continuing to grow market awareness of fuel cell products in my country,” said Mr. Mao.

The CleanGen System is scalable and able to meet the hydrogen availability and power requirements of any particular site. Repeat builds have helped to optimize the system, leading to a smaller footprint and improved serviceability.

An ElectraGen-H2 backup power system will also be displayed by Azure during the convention. Ballard and Azure have already worked together on operational trials for the system with the China Mobile telecommunications network.

Ballard Power Systems provides clean energy fuel cell projects for a range of applications, including for the transportation sector.

Following the announcement of the developments in China, Ballard also unveiled an agreement to provide hydrogen power for a clean transportation project in Scotland.

Ballard, bus manufacturer Van Hool NV, and the Transit Authority in Aberdeen, Scotland have signed an agreement for the delivery of 10 buses that will be powered by Ballard’s 150 kW FCvelocity – HD 6 fuel cell modules.

The project will be Europe’s largest hydrogen fuel cell bus fleet and will bring in more than 40 buses in the region powered by Ballard fuel cell modules by early-2014.

The Aberdeen project builds on Ballard’s previous agreements with Van Hool, Europe’s fourth largest bus manufacturer. Van Hool and Ballard signed a supply agreement in December 2011 for 21 FCvelocity-HD6 modules.

As of end of 2012, 14 modules have been shipped to Van Hool for use in 5 buses to be deployed in San Remo, Italy, 5 more in Flanders, Belgium and 4 of the buses to be deployed in Aberdeen.

Through the remainder of 2013, a further 8 power modules will be shipped to Van Hool which will use 6 of these to continue the Aberdeen deployment and deploy 2 more buses in Cologne, Germany. – EcoSeed Staff

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